The focus of my inter-disciplinary practice is to explore speculative concepts in spatial environments to attain a more symbiotic relationship with nature.

My work is often situated at the intersection between ecology, design, and technology and envisions ways of incorporating conceptual practices through facets like bio-integrated systems, agent-based modeling, and user-focused architectural studies.

2025         Bartlett School of Architecture UCL, London UK
                  Master of Architecture (M.Arch), Bio-Integrated Design

2022         Ontario College of Art and Design, Toronto ON
                  Bachelor of Design (B.Des), Environmental Design

2016          Ontario College of Art and Design, Toronto ON
                  Certificate in Art & Design Studio Skills

2012          Humber College, Toronto ON
                  Diploma in Business Management

2020         Brendan Callan Studio
PRES        Designer

2023         Set Designer
                  Cineflix Mayday 24

2022         Studio BS
PRES        Founding Co-Director

2015          AcuityAds, Toronto ON
2022         Data Analyst - Team Lead

2021          Mary Ratcliffe Studio, Toronto ON
                  Design Intern

2023         Issue 05 - Seeds
                  Galt. Publication
                  Urban Mycelial Network

2022         OCADU GradEx107
                  Urban Mycelial Network

2019          RISE Toronto Exhibition
                  Unplanning The City

2022         GradEx 107 Committee Member
                  OCAD University

2022         Arcade Commons - Shortlist
                  Studio BS
                  Creative Director

2022         Community Exchange
                  Sheeep Studio
                  Production Assistant

2021          Crown Lands ‘Fearless Part 1’ Music Video
                  Universal Music Canada
                  Production Design / Set Decorator
2020         Crown Lands ‘Leadfoot’ Music Video
                  Universal Music Canada
                  Props / Production Assistant

2022         Ontario Association of Architects Award (Toronto, Canada)
                  Award for innovative approach to sustainability
                  Thesis project: Urban Mycelial Network

2022         LASG / Boisbuchet Scholarship (Lessac, France)
                  Shadows and Whispers workshop

2019          The International Colour Association (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
                  Work included in the winning submission
                  Awarded to Glenn McArthur

2022         Graduated with Distinction (Toronto, Canada)
                  OCAD University

2022         Dean’s Honour List (Toronto, Canada)
                  OCAD University


Rhino 3D, Grasshopper, AutoCAD, Adobe Illustrator, SketchUp,
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Blender, Microsoft Office Suite, Processing, TouchDesigner

Model Making, Ceramics, Wood Working, Mouldmaking, Drawing