Arcade Commons

To represent Downsview’s upcoming transformation, this public installation is meant to encourage community engagement by offering a space to imagine and experience a physical representation of Downsview’s development journey.

Date:            October 2022

Arcade Commons ×

This public art project, completed by Studio BS, was shortlisted as part of the XOXO Downsview Wind Rose Competition.

An array of mesh panels are proposed to be installed between the existing posts, representing the development phase of the revitalization project. These panels featured curved arches, to symbolize the site’s new path forward. Placed in a pattern that follows the airport runway, and supported by aircraft cable to reference the site’s current use, the arches invite visitors to the centre of the wind rose.

At the centre of the wind rose a monumental mesh cylinder rises to symbolize support and cohesion and a central catalysed point of the completion of the development.