Morel Residence

Designed to nurture collective ownership, The Morel Residence brings focus to the intersection of cultivation, participation, and dissemination.

To reflect both the building’s programming and ideation, the design utilizes biomimetic scaffolding, along with bio-based materials, to reflect both the building’s programming and ideation.

Date:            April 2021

Team:           Laura Dempsey
                     Nathan Shakura

Morel Residence ×

This project intends to bring awareness to the value of urban farming and its bolstering effect on forging tighter communities.

The expanding research and program development was used in support of the divergence from the suggested brief. Given the abundance of hotels and focus on entertainment in this neighborhood, it was strongly felt that the area could vastly benefit from a communal housing opportunity, rather than the originally assigned task to create a for-profit hotel.